LPG Cylinder Re-testing

When was the last time you had your gas cylinder tested?

In Australia, BBQ and Automotive LPG cylinders  must be tested every ten years.

When that test date expires the gas bottle must be re-inspected by an Australian certified test station and the neck ring re-stamped and dated.

The gas bottles are subject to internal and external inspection for rust and any other damage

Normally, if the bottle has been kept either full of LPG or empty with the valve closed, internal rust and corrosion are not a problem.

Any gas bottle that fails to meet the Standard is condemned.

LPG Cylinder Refilling

Having a BBQ and don’t want to run out of gas. There is no need to wait until your cylinder is empty. We weigh your cylinder before filling, and only charge for what Propane we put into your cylinder.

Automotive fills, come in for driveway service.


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